Various websites

Selection of interesting works

These are some of the more interesting projects I've done over the past years. Most of these were done as a way of earning money while studying.

Charlie Bravo was a startup that I co-founded with a classmate. We aimed to connect students from my program (Creative Technology) with interesting companies in the same field. Although we ultimately failed, it was a very good learning experience - and I also built a nice website for our company. I designed this website in Photoshop, and built a static HTML/CSS/JavaScript one-page website out of it.

Charlie Bravo

Eden Curacao is a shopping mall on the beautiful island of Curacao. I designed this website in Photoshop, converted that design into HTML and CSS, and then created a Wordpress theme out of it.

Eden Curacao

During my Bachelor's studies at the University of Twente, I briefly had a part time job at the local Student Union. One of my accomplishments there was creating a new design for their website. I created the initial designs in Photoshop using their existing style guides, and then converted those designs into an HTML/CSS front-end template.

Student Union