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One of the experiments was a fractal exploration web application. Created using WebGL, this tool allows the user to navigate through a 2D animated Mandelbrot fractal. The user can zoom in on different parts of the fractal and pan to see different parts. There is a timeline for temporal control. This was a solo project.

Maanraket Happ de dag

Happ de Dag is the result of a one-night hack session with a good friend. "Daghap" is a system in the town of Enschede, the Netherlands, in which many local restaurants offer one cheap plate every day, and advertise it on a website. Since this website had no good mobile version, and there was also no app yet to make up for it, we decided to do a bit of both: we created an app using Cordova. It gets its data from a public XML feed and displays it neatly; as simple as that. My role was developing the front-end, and interpreting the data from the back-end.

Maanraket Chess Path

A good friend and me created a prototype for a game called "Chess path". I built a modified version of A* pathfinding that we used to create a turn based dungeon style game, in which the characters all interact like chess pieces. For example, some characters can only move like knights can on a chess board: 2 moves in one direction + 1 move in a perpendicular direction. Enemies work based on a simple pathfinding AI, and try to follow the shortest path to the protagonist. My role was building most of the underlying code for the game mechanics, which were created in HTML5 and JavaScript.