LED floor installation

Installation design / Graphics programming (OpenFrameworks)

My final hurdle towards getting my Bachelor's degree from the University of Twente was doing my graduation project. In my case, this consisted of developing demo software for LEDGo's interactive LED floor display. This floor, which consists of modular tiles which have a matric of 1cm² LEDs, is not only able to display graphics on a very large scale, but is also able to sense the user walking on the floor by using built-in pressure sensors.

The software I developed was used as a demo application. I used OpenFrameworks and OpenGL shaders to develop a program that responds to real-time user input. It makes use of a flocking algorithm which responds to the users walking on the floor. The software detects patterns in the behavior of the people on the floor; When they behave calmly, the color of the surface rendered underneath the flock becomes cooler, and the flock moves in a less impulsive manner.