Creative Technology

Bachelor's degree

From 2011 to 2015, I spent my time mostly on getting my Bachelor's degree in Creative Technology at the University of Twente in The Netherlands. This program combines technology (computer science, electrical engineering) with the world of design and art. During my time here I learned how to quickly prototype ideas, work in multidisciplinary teams and most of all to think creatively.

The musical mind is a perfect embodiment of what I learned at the University of Twente. This interactive art installation represents the (musical) human brain: neurons in the form of leds in plastic casings light up when the brain is activated by any of its senses, which are simulated by multiple hardware sensors. In this project, I was one of the people responsible for programming the underlying model that simulates the "brain".

Study Tour Explore the void

Aside from studying, a lot of my time in Twente went to extracurricular activities. Perhaps the best example of this is a study tour to Silicon Valley that I helped organise. I was the treasurer in a committee that spent a year organising a trip that let 25 students from our university visit relevant technology companies along the west coast of the United States.